"We recognize that being fully literate may not ensure access to a high-paying job and a happy life, but we understand the high levels of literacy required for the average individual to get through a single day, and we want more for students than just survival.  We want it all for them."

~Vogt & Shearer, 2011

Reading Specialist & Literacy Coaches in the Real World

        This project proved to be challenging for me as it entailed a lot of reflecting not only on my current practice, but of me as a whole.  The exercise of "taking a trip down memory lane" had lots of benefits.  It made me understand why I do the things I do.  Although I do not adhere to the saying that we teach according to how we are taught, I do see a lot of connection on how I approach things base on how I learned and what I've learned from childhood to this day.  

       Reflecting on my teaching years allowed me to see my "big picture" in the making.  I see my own growth and what I have achieved so far.  I have done picture collages in the past, now having the opportunity to reflect, I see how writing journals is similar to making collages.  The added perk is that it will allow me to revisit my reflective thoughts and continue to question and refine the answers I construct from it, thus improving me along the way.  

       My "display cabinet" at the moment shows what I have accomplished but I know that it's temporary.  I will change my style again as I gain more experience and "aha!" moments that leads to improvement.  As I continue growing in the role of learner, teacher, and teacher inquirer, I know that many more influences will come my way to challenge the way I think and my assumptions.  I will, however, welcome those opportunities because they will lead me to think of my practice more critically and in the process help me better myself as I juggle the role of three.

 ~An excerpt from my personal journal...July 4, 2012~

     One of my strengths is my ability to be aware of myself.  My journey to being a teacher in the U.S. involved much of this self-awareness--my limitations, thus accepting my situation; the need to improve myself and my practice, thus my enrollment to courses in UVA and subsequently to a graduate program in GMU; the need to get back to my field of concentration, thus my job changing.  All these seem to sound like justifications, however, it's the knowledge of my circumstances that gave me the will power to change the direction of my career....Reading more on reflection helps me see clearly as I plan for the future up ahead.

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